viernes, junio 25, 2010

this days

aah mis inspiracion bloguistica murio, aveces me da lata hasta respirar ajaja,
yo creo que es solo por que soy una floja ajaja al menos lo reconosco, ademas, voy al cole y a preu, cuando tengo tiempo libre veo true blood (L) me enamore y la tercera temporada empieza el domingo siiii Eric Eric!! y si no, salgo con mis amigas (L)
enverdad me encanta el blog y no lo cerrare, pero no me gusta tenerlo tan botado :(

domingo, junio 13, 2010

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sábado, junio 12, 2010

sábado, junio 05, 2010

Chronic dissatisfaction

By now, she and Juan Antonio
and Maria Elena had become lovers.
Everything seemed perfectly balanced,
perfectly in tune.

Maria Elena was calm and relaxed.
Juan Antonio was going through
a very creative period with his painting.

It was only Cristina,
as the last days of summer expired,

who began to experience an old familiar stirring,

a growing restlessness
that she dreaded,

but recognized only too well.
Suddenly, thoughts started
taking precedence over feelings,
thoughts and questions about life and love,
and as much as she tried to resist these ideas,
she could not get them
from her mind.

Chronic dissatisfaction,
that's what you have.