viernes, enero 16, 2009

I'm Sticking with you

I'm gonna take you down to the market, lover

Cuz that's where the trouble starts
You gotta get it into your heart
There are people out there to make you feel bad
But don't you listen, baby don't you listen
Because I know you feel that way.

5 comentarios:

lupe dijo...

down to the maarrrkkettt

yo justamente hoy me la pase escuchando a los kookies ♥

Fio! dijo...

OMGGG Amo a la velvet y amo esa cancion y amo a Juno... "I'm sticking with you"

escuchala escuchala!


lupe dijo...

ay si, me siento re bien asi, leyendo sin salir y eso, es como que asi soy yo, a veces me siento incomoda en algunas situaciones sociales pero en realidad es porque todos me consideran rara u.u

shimu's holiday dijo...

just want to say that we get really similar taste in music!!
i love redio dept., Yann Tiersen and the others too!!

Pan's Holiday

shimu's holiday dijo...

don't worry about the english, I'm from Thailand, English is not my Language too!! (In case you don't know about Thailand, we speak Thai language) Thank you for your comment. it gives us a courage to make it better and about The Radio dept., we might upload some for you in our post (let's keep it between us ;))

Pan's Holiday