martes, diciembre 09, 2008

Im Sorry for Everything

Blair: Whatever you're going through, I wanna be there for you.
Chuck: We've talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.
Blair: But I am me. And you are you. We're Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had, I will stand by you through anything.
Chuck: And why would you do that.
Blair: Because I love you.
Chuck: Well, that's too bad.

You Deserve much better.

2 comentarios:

Miss_Scarlett dijo...

dios mio, este episodio me parece el mejor de la serie junto a 'all about my brother' de la primera temporada, vaya un final, todo lo que pasa es alucinante y con canciones tan bonitas como 'signs' de bloc party sonando todo el rato.

me ha encantado...

Marie Augustine. dijo...

Es hermoso, las fotos y el dialogo.
Me gusta mucho chusmear tu blog.